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Wynsyr Dogs Owned By Others

Over the years we have been very fortunate to have our dogs go to some great homes! We will be forever grateful to our many friends around the world who have joined the Wynsyr family!

MBIF DC Wynsyr Baha Oh Dear Deer SC, "Bambi"

***2019 SCOA Best in Sweepstakes***

***2018 AKC National Lure Coursing Championships Best in Field (Day 2)***

Bambi is from our litter out of Demi, sired by Caroline Coile's Pepe (Gold GCh Baha Persian of Interest, CD, RN, OA, MXJ, NF, FCh, SC, TKA, VSX). She lives in Florida with Caroline and the Baha salukis.  

The following is from Caroline's Website:

" Bambi was the 2019 Saluki Club of America Best in Sweepstakes winner and co-winner of the 2019 SCOA Triathlon. At that same National she also won the Coursing bitch class, won the AKC FC coursing stake, and qualified in rally obedience. 

Bambi finished with three five point majors, one BOS and two BOB over BIS specials, at supported entries plus a Hound group 2nd.

Bambi also finished her Field Championship with three 5 point majors: three BOBs and two Best in Fields in four trials---one of them Day 2 of the AKC National Lure Coursing Championship. She tied with kennelmate Icon for the NLCC breed winner. She also finished in the Top 10 of AKC lure-coursing salukis for 2018. She went BIF at her first AKC trial as a special for another 5 point major.

Her friends call her "Sharknado" which is a better fit to her personality than is Bambi!"

We are humbled that Caroline allowed us to breed to Pepe, and incredibly proud of what Bambi has accomplished (along with her other successful littermates!) 

GCH Wynsyr Absolut-ly Scenario, "Abby"

***Best of Winners 2015 SCOA National Specialty***

***Award of Merit 2016 SCOA National Specialty***

When we bred Adon to DeeDee we hoped for a cream bitch, and were thrilled to get ONE. We planned to keep her until our friend Nancy Badra (Scenario salukis) called and asked to buy her. We have known and respected Nancy for years so we were honored and couldn't say no!

Abby is only shown at specialties and to sighhound specialists. She won her first major under international sighhound authority Espen Engh. She is pictured winning Best of Winners at the 2015 National Specialty under breeder-judge Sue Flynn (Elessar), and was winners bitch at the 2015 SCOA Eastern Regional Specialty under breeder judge Nina-Neswadba (Show Hunters). She now has four 5 point majors toward her Grand CH, all won at specialties! She won an Award of Merit at the 2016 SCOA National Specialty under Dagmar Hintzenberg-Freisleben (Sawahin).  

GCH Wynsyr Karista Lola in the Night, "Lola"

Lola was the first champion from the Adon X DeeDee litter. She is owned by Janet and Jim Swisher and was shown to her title by Rudy Ayala. She is pictured finishing her title at the North Texas Saluki Club specialty under Carole Beyerle of Excelsior salukis. In her critique, Carole called Lola "Just about perfect!"

CH Wynsyr Karista Girl on Fire at Winsong, "Katniss"

Kat is owned by Lyndsay Gardner and Nikki Gardner of Winsong Afghans. She is pictured winning a puppy group under respected saluki breeder-judge Pam Arwood. Kat completed her championship at the Louisville shows in March of 2015! We are very proud of her! 

CH Wynsyr Karista Into The Mystic Gypsy Willow, "Willow"

Willow is owned by Deborah Kercheval and is from our Adon X DeeDee litter. She was Best of Winners at the Huron Valley Specialty as a young puppy, and handled to her early wins by our late friend Kim Smith.

She won her second 5 point specialty major at the SCOA Eastern Regional under Wendy Duggan on the Morris and Essex weekend in 2015 (pictured), and finished with a third 5 point major at the Louisville cluster in 2016.  

CH Wynsyr Karista Maja Sunrise Over Sahara, "Savi"

Savi (Azim X DeeDee) is owned by Nicole Newkirk and her mom Sherri Meyer, and co-owned by Wynsyr.  

She has had many exciting wins, and has been awarded by breeder-judges and all-rounders alike. Savi easily finished her championship with three majors, owner-handled by Nicole! She is pictured winning under breeder-judge Robert Frost (Karob salukis).  

CH Wynsyr Karista Maja Dusk Over Cairo, "Azita"

Azita (Azim x DeeDee) is pictured finishing her Championship in style at the Michigan Hound Association. She is owned and loved by Sherri Meyer, Nicole Gomez, and Wynsyr. She was the sixth champion to finish from her litter. 

CH Wynsyr New Girl at Uwharie, "Zoey"

Zoey (Azim X DeeDee) was Lynne Ezzel's first saluki, and she's been having so much fun with her!  

She is pictured winning breed from the classes under Dana Cline for her first major. 

Zoey finished with her second major at the Mid-Atlantic Hound Association under Kathy Forbes. She was owner handled to all but one of her points by Lynne!   

MBIF GCH DC Wynsyr Karista Trifecta at Jomyr SC, "Derby"

Derby is the tricolor girl from our Azim X DeeDee litter. She is shown winning points toward her title with her owner Dr. Aaron Todd Miller of Jomyr Whippets. Derby is Todd's first saluki and she finished very quickly. She was piloted to her majors and multiple breed wins over specials by Mandy Clevenger. She has proven herself on the coursing field with multiple Bests in Field and is a Dual Champion. 

Group Winning Am. & Can. CH Wynsyr's Cabaret Man, "Manny"

"Manny" is sired by CH Wynsyr Do-It-Again, our of CH Alphaville's Foreign Copy T'Wynsyr. This typey, standard sized black dog is owned by Elaine Ross in Canada.  

CH Wynsyr Summerwind The MOhican, "Shay"

Shay is a handsome dog from our Mo X Cookie litter. He finished easily with a major wins from a specialty weekend, and won the breed and a nice group placement his first weekend out as a special. He is owned by Larry Wilt and Amy Wendling.  

Australian CH Wynsyr Summerwind Paladin MiMosa at Khandu

Mimosa was the pick bitch from our "Mo x Cookie" litter. She was major pointed in the states before being sent to Australia where she is owned by Paul and Pauline Hewitt of the famed Khandu Afghans.  

She is pictured here at around 2 years of age with her handler Kris Crane.  

GCH Wynsyr Suri Rose, "Suri"

Suri is an exquite daughter of SBIS CH Wynsyr Out of Africa and CH Beachbrook's Drama Rama. She is co-owned by Janet and Jim Swisher.

Suri took the puppy classes by storm winning her first major at 6 months old. A month later she was best of winners at the Denver specialty. During her time in the classes she won countless specialty sweepstakes awards, and finished her title in short order, and also became a Grand Champion before the age of 2. She is a multiple best of breed winner. Suri came home to Wynsyr to deliver a beautiful litter born on September 2, 2016. Sired by the stunning BIS/BISS CH Summerwinds It's All About Me!, this litter is co-bred by Rosemary Sutton.

CH Wynsyr Sunrise on The Savanna CGC, "Ana"

Ana is another exciting Daughter of SBIS CH Wynsyr Out of Africa and CH Beachbrook's Drama Rama. She is owned by Mary Howard and co-owned by Wynsyr.

A specialty best in sweeps winner, she won her first points by winning best of breed under breeder-judge Denise Ross, and was winners bitch and best of opposite sex at the Afghan Hound Club of Greater Chicago Specialty under breeder-judge David Cochrane (Abashagh). She is pictured finishing with her handler Tara Richardson. 

CH Wynsyr Beachbrook African Sunset CGC, "Lily"

Although Lily was the smallest puppy from the SBIS CH Wynsyr Out of Africa X CH Beachbrook's Drama Rama Litter, she has always had a HUGE personality. Dripping in breed type and exotic in every way, we knew she was destined to shine.

Lily is owned by Mary Howard, co-owned by Wynsyr, and resides in Iowa with her litter sister Ana, CH Wynsyr Sunrise on the Savanna. She was the second to finish from this exciting litter, and did it with three major wins. 

Wynsyr Pin-Up Girl, RN GCG "Bettie-Mae"

Bettie-Mae is owned by Dr. Cheryl Helsing. She is from the Tsavo X Mona litter and is successfully competing in Rally obedience and Agility! She has also earned her CGC title! Proof that Wynsyr Hounds are not just pretty faces!

CH Alphaville's Foreign Copy T'Wynsyr, "Cookie"

Cookie is a daughter of BIS/MSBIS CH Poseidon of Mountain Top One, who is a Japanese bred dog that was campainged to No. 1 Afghan here in the US several years back. She came to us from the Swedish kennel Alphaville of Yvonne Ljungkvist.  

She lives with Andrea and Micheal Wood.  

Cookie finished with two specialty majors and a best in sweeps. She has had two litters sired by BIS/SBIS CH Paladin the Darkman V Isameh and his son CH Wynsyr's Do-It-Again. These have been two of our most successful and consistent litters and we have a number of champions including group, specialty best in show, and best in show (owner handler series) winners.  

MSBIS GCH Alphaville's Special Edition Wynsyr, "Cody"

Cody is a son of the great Xenos Comment and was imported from the Alphaville Kennel of Yvonne Ljungkvist of Sweden.  

Cody finished very fast and was only shown at specialties. He had a number Best in Sweeps awards and was reserve winner's dog at the AHCA National Specialty in Sacramento.  

James showed Cody to his first SBIS at the Afghan Hound Club of Denver just before his second birthday. Cody then went on to win a number of groups and two more SBIS. He has sired two litters to date and is now owned and shown by Karen and Kalen Dumke.  

Group Winning AM & CAN CH Tres Chic Wynsyr Simply Divine

Deana was co-bred/owned by Gail Mofford and Kirby Morehouse (Tres Chic) and Scott Pfeil and James Donahue (Wynsyr).  

She is from the breeding of MSBIS CH Alphaville's Special edition Wynsyr and SBIS Am & Can. CH Dzum The Divine Miss M.  

She is pictured here with her handler, Sammie Lewis  

AKC CH UKC BIS CH CAN CH Winsong Chandani Risky Business, "Cruise"

Cruise is the stunning domino male from the litter of SBIS CH Wynsyr Out of Africa and CH Kasban Calla Lily of Winsong. He was James' pick of the litter and now resides with his co-owners Margaret Caulk and Ron Morales of New Hampshire. Since moving out east, Cruise has become a UKC Champion, winning a Best in Show along the way, and has completed his AKC title in short order, and has multiple breed wins to his credit. In the spring of 2013 he finished his Canadian championship in just a handful of shows. 

Multi Group Winning SBIS Ch Wynsyr Shimara The Dark Knight, "Crusader"

SBIS CH Wynsyr Out of Africa X Wynsyr Contessa. 

Crusader was co-bred by Tammy Shinn in Alaska, and co-owned by Rosemary Sutton of Summerwinds.  

He was a multiple group winner and specialty best in show winner.  

Crusader is now living out his retirement with Joanne Weatherly or Aristocracy Afghans.  

GCh Wynsyr Sudan, "Sudan"

Sudan was one of the exciting offspring of the Ch Mahali Kendall Jackson X Ch Wynsyr Kalahari litter. This outrageously patterned bitch with extreme breed type is best known for winning Winner's Bitch at the AHCA National Specialty in Denver, under breeder-judge Bob Stein. Sudan is owned by Karen and Kalen Dumke of Nonsuch Sight-hounds.

In 2010 Sudan returned to the show ring and completed her Grand Champion Title!

CH Wynsyr Winnie The Blue, "Blue"

Blue is owned by Pat and Jay Hattula. She is from the litter sired by SBIS CH Gazon Say What You Mean and CH Wynsyr Kalahari, and is the Dam of SBIS CH Wynsyr Out of Africa, CH Wynsyr African Queen, and CH Wynsyr Zulu Warrior. Pictured winning BOS at the Chicago specialty under Jaime Ganoza (Dega Afghans, Peru). 

Am. Can. CH Wynsyr Tuff Enuff, "Titan"

"Titan" is owned by Gail Mofford and Kirby Moorehouse of Tres Chic Afghans in Canada. This exciting young son of Tyson and Toni is pictured winning best of breed over SBIS winning specials at only 6 months old!