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MBISS/MBIS GCHS Baghdad A MissDemeanor "Demi"

MBIS/SBIS Aust. Supreme CH, Am. GCH, Can. CH Baghdad A Missdemeanor.  

* #1 Saluki in breed competition 2016

*Best in Show 2016 SCOA National Specialty

*SCOA Top Twenty Winner 2016

*Best of Breed 2016 ASA Celebration of the Saluki

*Best of Breed 2015 AKC National Championship. 

Early in 2014, Paula Bockman-Chato of Baghdad saluki fame, asked us if we would be interested in co-owning Demi with her and Lyndell Ackerman (Carma Salukis) and campaigning her in North America. 

Demi arrived at Wynsyr in May of 2014 and debued at the SCOA National Specialty week. She finished her American title in three weekends with an all-breed Best in Show from the classes!

Later in that summer we took her to Canada where she earned her Canadian championship in one cluster with 5 group wins and 4 all-breed Bests in Show! Demi is now an American Grand Champion Silver and currently has a career total of 15 all-breed Bests in Show, 5 Reserve Bests in Show, 7 owner handler Bests in Show, and 12 specialty Bests in Show! Career highlights were when she won the 2016 SCOA National Specialty under German breeder-judge Dagmar Hintzenberg-Freisleben, of Sawahin salukis, and the American Saluki Association Celebration under sighthound breeder Judy Lowther. 

Demi produced one litter sired by Caroline Coile's Pepe: BIS/MBIF/MBISS GCHG Baha Persian of Interest, CD, FCh, SC, RN, OA, MXJ, NF, TKA, VSX. We are thrilled for her six offspring to be carrying on her legacy. 

Demi lived out her days at Wynsyr as the most perfect companion and beloved friend. We will be forever grateful to Paula for allowing her to stay with us.  

The One And Only China Doll 2003-2018

Probably our most beloved Afghan has been MSBIS GCH Wynsyr China Doll. China was a multi group winner, but her greatest claim to fame is her incredible record of 21 specialty best in show awards.  

Even more incredible is the fact that she did not win her first specialty until she was six years old. China is proof positive that great dogs only improve with age. 

China was an exemplary show dog. She LOVED going around the ring to the applause of her many admirers. She lived out her life as a beloved house pet, passing away at nearly 16 years of age. She is missed every day. 

All-Breed Best in Show Winners

BIS CH Wynsyr Scimitar's Tyson

Tyson was America's no. 1 Afghan Hound in 2008. In addition to being a mutiple specialty best in show winner he also had an all-breed best in show.  

Owned by J.W. and Debbie Rodgers of Beaumont, Texas, Tyson was piloted by Mark Bettis.  

BIS/SBIS Am Can CH Wynsy Silhouette

Xena was Wynsyr's first home bred American all-breed best in show winner. She was sired by Kodak, out of CH Wynsyr Alliance.  

BIS CH Wynsyr Master of The Maze

(CH Wynsyr Theif of Hearts X CH Charlemagne Kiara)

Rio was an all-breed best in show winner in Canada, where he was owned by Larry Kereluke.  

BIS/MSBIS CH Gengala Sharper Image. 

Kodak was here for two years, during which Scott campaigned him to an All-breed best in show under Keke Kahn, and six specialty best in show awards.  

Before returning to Australia where he was owned by Karin Hutchins (Suliman Afghans) he sired an all-champion litter of eight puppies for Wynsyr.  

Specialty Best In Show Winners

Wynsyr dogs have always excelled in the specialty ring. The following is a complete list of Wynsyr's Specialty Best in Show Winners:

MSBIS CH Wynsyr Wizard of Labyrinth "Bowie"

MSBIS CH Wynsyr Absolutely Fabulous "Fanny"

SBIS CH Wynsyr Out of Africa "Tsavo"

SBIS CH Wynsyr Night on the Serengeti "Hunter"

MSBIS GCH Wynsyr China Doll "China"

SBIS CH Wynsyr Silhoutte "Xena"

SBIS GCH Wynsyr Taking Chances "Celine"

SBIS GCH Wynsyr-Shimara The Dark Knight "Crusader"

SBIS GCH Wynsyr The Wingman T'Zion "Maverick"

MSBIS CH Wynsyr Scimitar's Tyson "Tyson"

SBIS GCH Wynsyr Fox Run Rumor Has It "Rumor"

SBIS Wynsyr Triplicity Chaka Zulu

MSBIS CH Gengala Sharper Image (Imp. Australia) "Kodak"

MSBIS CH Tell's Fit For Fight (Imp. Sweden) "Diesel"

MSBIS GCH Alphaville's Special Edition Wynsyr (Imp. Sweden) "Cody"

MBIS/SBIS CH Baghdad A Missdemeanor (Imp. Australia-Saluki) "Demi"

SBIS CH Maja Intergra Wrapped In Rubies (Italian Greyhound) "Ruby"

SBIS CH Windemere's Pevyne Put'N On The Glitz (Pekingese) "Marley"

SBIS/RBIS CH Sky Hi Hunt Song of Fire and Ice (Greyhound) "Song"